Objectives of Ganesh IAS

Our primary objective is to create adequate awareness in the aspirants about Civil Services Examinations and provide them with a proper, focused and dependable guidance. Combined Civil services Examination is not only subjecting the candidate's subjective knowledge to test, but also his capacity to understand and interpret complicated affairs and his ability to apply knowledge to resolve practical problems. The system of examination calls for a completely new orientation, which is entirely different from the traditional university-type of examination.

A candidate who is a fresh graduate is likely to face certain problems such as,

  •  He may not be able to comprehend clearly what is expected of him to qualify in the Civil Services Examination.
  •  Selecting the right optional subject suiting both his personal aptitude and the chances for securing higher marks in the Civil Services Examination.
  •  Choices of the right books to successfully clear the examinations.
  •  Developing his abilities, i.e, The Capacity to write a long, analytical and imaginative essay in an impressive style, formulate and present his answer in the most direct, logical, constructive and analytical manner highlighting the central and salient points.
  •  Developing his personality to display the possession of an amicable, cheerful and optimistic outlook towards life.

We, as a professional educational Institute, specializing in the Civil Services Examinations provide the candidate with well analyzed and suitable guidance to overcome the problems and develop the required skills to shape his career keeping in mind the difficulties a candidate is might face. Keeping the above as the criteria, we have been following and striving to improve our system of guidance in such a way that it would bring out the best in a candidate so that he could complete his Civil Services Examination successfully.